Ericka Warnita


About Ericka 


Born and raised in Houston, Texas I have always embraced my artistic side through fashion, writing, sketching and chalk art, and interior design; just to name a few.

Never have I imagined that my life would be this way. But that is just it... never have I ever imagined it would be this way because it has always been so far beyond my imagination.

Now, I live to be who I want to be, who I was destined to be and do what I was purposed to do.

I am a fashion model walking on runways and posing for print and commercial advertisements.

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Ericka Taylor


  • Height: 5'6

  • Hair: Brown

  • Eyes: Brown

  • Bust: 32

  • Waist: 27.5

  • Hips: 36

  • Dress Size 2



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